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Waiting For God

September 7, 2019

Are you struggling with the Law of Attraction?

I have been in the field of spirituality and energy medicine for the last 17 years, as the COO or “Chief Magical Officer” of Quantum-Touch, Inc – a company that teaches energy medicine workshops around the world.

Like many companies that work in the field of spirituality, our core philosophy is based on the Law of Attraction – the concept that we create our reality based on principle that “like attracts like.”   Law of Attraction proponents suggest that our thoughts are primarily responsible for reality creation.  If we think positive thoughts, meditate on what we want to create, and practice gratitude, we have the power to attract more money, romance, and better health.

Yet, anyone familiar with “The Secret” will tell you that the Law of Attraction can be quite an enigma.  On one hand, the idea is incredibly empowering: If you can align yourself with your intended manifestation, the Universe will deliver.  On the other hand, many people find this Law of Attraction to be frustrating as well because it seems like the Law of Attraction doesn’t always work!

So many people who are familiar with the Law of Attraction seem to have trouble harnessing its power to manifest money. In fact, I used to have $135,000 of debt, despite my belief in the LOA. I have fielded email after email in my company (Quantum-Touch, Inc) from people who believe in the LOA yet they are struggling with money and barely scraping by. I’ve met Life coaches and healing practitioners who are having trouble paying rent or attracting clients, yet they have a daily gratitude practice and a positive mindset.

Is the Law of Attraction just some sort of new-age mumble jumble?

In my book Spiritual and Broke I describe my own struggles with money, the mistakes I was making with the Law of Attraction and how I turned things around. Drawing numerous examples from my own story. I explore:

  • Why shifting our thoughts alone doesn’t always change what we are attracting
  • How the Law of Attraction can actually disempower us, if not approached properly.   I call this phenomenon “Waiting for God” and it can actually block us from having what we want
  • Why budgets don’t work
  • The difference between inspired action and busy work
  • How our self-worth can affect our net worth
  • How to naturally cut spending without feeling like we’re depriving ourselves of what we love


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  1. Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. ExoRank says:

    Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

  3. Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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